Juchter-Juechter: The history of a name
Juchter as family-name might be used about 1000 years, the recent way of writing Juechter gives it proveable scarcely 500 years. The word Juchter was however already very old, when a family took over it.

The name Juchter contains the age-old word root "juch". In the German classical language (Althochdeutsch) gives such a word " juhhazzen " to speak: juchhatzen; Mittelhochdeutsch: juchezen, Neuhochdeutsch: jauchzen, Mittelniederdeutsch: jucheden, Plattdeutsch: juchen. The "u" is to be spoken always long.

With the ancient Teuton spring celebrations the village-people climbed on hills (mountains), in order to celebrate the end of the winter. In front of the people walked a noted and particularly merry man, who change the mood with calls, singing and rejoice (Jauchzen, juchhazzen) the celebration joy. As natural that one called himself Juchatzer, in the Niederdeutschen Jucheder. From his joy outbreaks one could be drug along gladly. In our days that has the wedding-invitation-man, which with tapedecorated staff to the celebration invite, similar functions in the wedding tent, if at first in the user set the tendency wants to come not quite into course. Then it jucht, calls and sings.

The word " Juchatzer " shortened gradually to " Juchtzer ". The people language sanded the word property off at all times also in the present. The sounding, vocal-rich Germanic words lost as it were their music. Examples: gilauba = glaube (faith), gihorta = hoerte (heard), ganada = Gnade (grace), wolatat = wohltat... Exactly the same the "a" from Juchatzer was omitted to Juchtzer. The form " Juchtzer " is often occupied in the old bibliography.Also the "z" from Juchtzer was discharged, it was embarrassing when fast speaking. From the Juchtzerhoeh (name of a hill) in Bavaria became Juchterhoeh. The name Juchter was born, its high-German family tree would thus be: juchhazzen - Juchatzer - Juchtzer - Juchter. Now we can interpret our names easy: the merry Rufer (caller).

One is astonished: Juchtzer there is the surname still.

In 1482 Hinrich Juchter puts 2 Tuettelchen (dots) on the "u". So the linguistic development of our name came to the termination. Since 1610 the name Juechter (Jüchter) advances in terms of figures, today has it its brother family Juchter over-rounded. They were probably more fathering -joyful.

Still something over the name form: Name cousins in Bremerhaven all attached there name a "n". Unfortunately the cause is unknown. Perhaps the coastal area inhabitant was the name ship too short, so that they extended it. Also a conclusion "s" appears already early at the name Juechter/Juchter. So have for example all in Flanders living name cousins an "s" as name conclusion.